Movies in the park

One of my favorite summer activities in Utah are the movies in the park.  Bring a blanket and some snacks and enjoy the summer night air with others looking for a fun.  Most but not all start Friday at dusk.   Technical they are free but we usually end up spending a few bucks.  There is often a carnival or festival or popcorn being sold.  Sometimes we even bring Benni Zebra and he enjoys the time with his pack.  Most, but not all are little kid friendly.  This summer I am most looking forward to the Frozen sing along, but if you miss it Frozen is playing many times, in many city’s.

Movies 2014


May 30th



June 6th – 

Three Amigos (PG) at Canyon Rim Park

Wreck it Ralph Park; 600 E 900 S

Frozen and Country Fest; – South City Park


June 13th

Alice in Wonderland Lindsey Gardens; 9th Ave & M Street

Ratatouille (G) at Eastwood Elementary

Smurfs 2 – Heritage Park

Monsters University

Despicable Me 2

Frozen Buttercup Park 10075 South 1550 East


June 20th

The Iron Giant Jordan Park; 900 W 1000 S

Frozen (Sing-A-Long) (PG) at Evergreen Park

Turbo – Movie


Riverton Hospital (3741 W 12600 S) – Monsters University

Saving Mr. Bank

Despicable Me 2

Mountain View Park


June 27th

Pirates of the Caribbean Reservoir Park; 42 S University St

Despicable Me (PG) at Big Cottonwood Park

Hotel Transylvania – Movie Oquirrh Shadows

Man Of Steel

Monsters University

Despicable Me 2 Falcon Park 9200 South 1700 East



July 8

Twenty Feet From Stardom


July 11th –

The Lego Movie  Riverside Park; 739 N 1400 W

Enchanted (PG) at Eastwood Elementary

Monsters University – Movie Holt Farmstead 7:00 pm

Iron Man 3


Mill Hollow Park


JULY 14,


July 15

What We Do In The Shadows


July 17-

The Lego Movie


July 18th

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Fairmont Park; 900 E 2361 S

Savings Mr. Banks (PG13) at Evergreen Park

Escape From Planet Earth – Movie Skye Park 9:30 pm*

Canyonview Park (12200 S 4400 W) – Cloudy With a Chance of  Meatballs 2

Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2

Lone Ranger

One Direction: This is us Amphitheater Park 9400 South 1300 East




July 23

Butler Park


July 25th –

The Three Amigos

Wasatch Hollow Park; 1700 S 1650 E

Old Dogs (PG) at Big Cottonwood Park

Thor The Dark World


JULY 28,


August 1


Gravity (PG13) at Canyon Rim Park

The Croods

The Lego Movie Lone Peak Gazebo 10140 South 700 East

Despicable Me 2 – Movie Heritage Park 9:30 pm*

Men In Black 3

Lego Movie

Catching Fire


August 8 –


Hotel Transylvania (PG) at Evergreen Park

Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2 – Movie Oquirrh Shadows 9:15 pm*

Despicable Me 2


August 13

The Battered B of Baseball


August 15


Hunger Games (PG13) at Eastwood Elementary

Free Birds- Movie Skye Park 9:00 pm*

Space Jam

Monarch Meadows Park (13600 S 4800 W) – Despicable Me 2

Lego Movie

Despicable Me 2

Cloudy with a chance of meatballs 2 Flat Iron Park – Upper 1700 E 8600 So

Bywater Park


August 20 –

God Help The Girl


August 22


The Lego Movie (PG) at Canyon Rim Park

Planes – Movie Heritage Park 9:00 pm*


Lego Movie


August 27

Community Choice –


August Friday, 29

Cars (G) at Big Cottonwood Park and be sure to come early to enjoy the Giant Antique Car Show

Sandlot –


Monster University Buttercup Park 10075 South 1550 East


September 12

Muppets most wanted Union Park 642 East 7800 South

September 19

Lego Movie City Hall Park (12800 S 1800 W) –

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Lazy days of summer?

This summer I want to do swim lessons (for Mariah) and all the play groups and play dates with the friends we don’t see enough.  And I want to get to all the favorite parks, and all the free movies in the park on friday nights, and the festivals and the parades.  And have lots of time to lay in the hammock and drink lemonade, while taking care of my garden and keeping my house relatively clean and of course crossing a few projects of my list. 

I am thinking this may be unrealistic.  I am thinking I am over reaching and we will get to the first day of  kindergarten not rested, relaxed and ready but tired and frustrated. 

The last two summers Mariah has been in a therapeutic preschool so our lives were ruled by clock.  Monday through Friday, 4 hours a day.  Late nights and lazy days were kept to a minimum.   We couldn’t go do that fun thing that started Tuesday night at 7 because we had to start getting ready for bed at 7:30.  A day at the park was really an hour or two between this and that.  And now she starts all day kindergarten in a few short months, we can measure it in weeks really, but I am not ready to.  I am longing, determined, excited for a true summer filled with carefree fun and unscheduled adventure.   But I think if I am not carefull we will create a monster. 

What are your plans for the summer?

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Im back!

I have a computer again!  This means I can blog again!  I have missed being able to write down my thoughts and feelings.  I see this as a journal, a letter to my better self, to my adult daughter, to some anonymous friend who connected with that one thought.   I had so many thoughts that just didn’t get any ware, half-truths, and glimpses of  insight that I didn’t have the time to explore.   I am sure the important ones will come back around.   My life, my heart, my mind, my home are just as chaotic as ever.

I have been thinking about marriage a lot lately.  Mariah has announced her engagement to Beckham, a boy in her preschool class.  She is in love with another boy, but the other boy doesn’t return her affections and Beckham has promised to buy her a pretty dress for the wedding.  I told her she is not allowed to get married till she is 30 and she is good with waiting.   I try to tell her she should hold out for a boy who makes her tummy tickle and will buy her a dress, but she is not listening.   She likes the attention.  She likes being pursued.  Sigh.  I have a lot of work to do in the next few years.

My sister is also getting Married.  I am so thrilled that she has found the man she wants to grow old with.  She has a guy who gives her butterflies and will buy her a dress.  I have wanted love and romance for her for so long, its a blessing to see it happen.  She keeps telling me she doesn’t have the bride gene, but she is going to be a lovely bride.   All the details that I get excited about overwhelm her.  I hope this makes me a great assistant.  Mostly I think it makes me a nag.

My dearest friends marriage is crumbling. They have grown in different directions with too much between them.  The distance seems to be too far to bridge.  I hope they find a way to come back together because they had one of the best, strongest unions.  They were the ones I looked to as the example.

My own marriage is a work in progress.  I have gone through times when I wanted the man but not the commitment and times when I have wanted  the life we built together but not the man.   Marriage is hard, its work, and right now ours is in need of some attention.  That relationship seems to have gotten the short end in favor of  the crisis of the day.  We need a date, we need some time to remember each other as people and not just the guy who didn’t get that thing done or the woman who is never happy because he can never get that thing done.   That is what I need to make sure my daughter understands before she starts really dating, that marriage is not just about a pretty dress, its a commitment to a life together, to making it work, to falling in love with your husband over and over and over again.   And if the distance becomes too great…. I don’t know what I want to teach her about that.

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Glass Cleaner

I have been experimenting with making my own glass cleaner for about 5 years now. My intention was to use a less toxic cleaning product. My body is sensitive to toxins and they accumulate and cause health problems.

I found that I don’t like glass cleaner without ammonia.  I honestly don’t know if this is less toxic then Windex, but now I like it better.  After making my own for so long I realy hate spending time or money to buy it.

NOTE: If you are switching for the first time,  there will be a waxy buildup that you will need to polish away before you are happy with any natural or diy cleaner.  It wont always be like the first time.

Glass Cleaner

1/4 C Amonia
1/4 C Alcohol
1/4 teaspoon liquid dish soap

Mix in a quart spay bottle.
Fill with distilled water.
Swirl to combine.
Go clean something Continue reading

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Thanks to Brian there is a turkey brining on my kitchen table that will be dinner tonight, soup latter this week and then lunch for some time.

I like to make 3 to 5 turkey’s a year. No, really,  its not difficult or labor intensive,  its a quick and per pound cheep meal.  I dont make 20 sides,  I’m not recreating Thanksgiving.  Tonight I will steam some green beans,  mash a few potatoes and call it good.

I follow the guru Alton Brown and it turns out perfect everytime. you will need to invest in a good thermometer but thats a small price for perfect, no stress turkey. Sometimes we Brine, but most grocery store turkey’s are pre brined.

The biggest advantage however is in healthy lunches. Lunch meat is not good for you. Most of what you find at the deli is not real food.  Go ahead and read that ingredient list. Now try reading it out loud.  You really want to eat that?

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Poor Mans Feast

One day we will be having a conversation and I will reference Poor Man’s Feast as if you know what I am talking about, because of course you do, right?  What?  How can I not have shared this deliciousness with you, this nourishment in the form of words and photos and recipes?  Please let me share so that you can have a taste of the good stuff. 

Here is a quote from her latest post: “I would just have to think about food and life and what it means to be nourished, both literally and figuratively, in a very different way.”

Which is so perfect, because this is exactly what I get from this blog. A new way to think about food, and life and what it means to be nourished.

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Dont get cought in the eddy

I truly belive that money ebbs and flows.  We all have times when there is a little more or a little less.  Right now we are in a little less time.  But I am not saying that to complain, only to explain how blessed I feel.  Fall always seems to be an ebb time for us for whatever reason, and this fall we find ourselves with some over spending, some sickness, and some delayed paychecks.  But even though the cash is not flowing we are doing just fine.  We have had angels come to our rescue, we have had creditors give us a pass, and we have had opportunities open up. 

Research is proving that our beliefs are powerful.  It turns out that in many areas what we belive is more important than what is real.  I just watched a Ted talk about how our belief about stress determines how stress affects us.  Turns out that if you belive that stress is harmful, it is.  However if you belive that stress is beneficial, than stress if beneficial.  See what I mean here

This has me wondering if what I belive about the ebb and flow of money, may be similar to beliefs about stress.  What if I choose to belive that there will always be enough money for what I need?

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Cover your cough

Brian’s at instacare hoping for antibiotics.  He was sick, then better,  now sicker. Don’t tell himbbut he is getting old and his amune system is not what it used to be.

I am taking today and tomorrow to recover and then I will be better.  At least I hope that my cold follows the pattern Brian and Mariah’s have. 

Mariah is playing in the bathtub. Her ponies are not getting along with her Strawberry Shortcakes and she is trying out all the bad words she knows, like hate and stupid. Its a good space to work these ideas out so I am giving her the space to do it.

I have a few bad words I would like to be using but I am not sure who to direct them to.  I have been sick mostly since I started seeing this new doctor.  First it was the detox and withdrawal,  then the migraines and now my poor immune system just cant take on a sick family.  I am completely frustrated with the level of chaos in my life in the wake of weeks in survival mode. 

So of course I am thinking about big changes and how to move from where I am to…. not sure yet.  I am beginning to dream. 

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thumbing it in

My computer is dying.  It has been a good computer and lived a good life for a lap top.  It has been through the war and survived 2 keyboard replacemnts, 3 crashes, and more cords then I can count.  I highly recomend GeekBox if you are hard on laptops.  My phone started dying at the same time.  I replaced the phone and put a new computer onthe wish list.  I have found that I can do most things quite happily on my new phone.  Yeah for Android. 

I have found apps to replace most of what I do on my computer, and in most cases they do it better.  I can check my email and play candy crush and plan a menu while wating for the school bus to come or gymnastics to get over.  My inner organization geek is in heaven. 

I can not however enjoy bloging.  And I seem to want to blog all the time.  I keep thinking of these things I want to share.  I have so many thoughts I want to put down and I just am not satisfied with the thumb typing I can do on my phone.  Unfortunatly this is an ebb time in our financial life and replacing the computer will be happening in the distant future.  Boo! 

I have even considered that I need to start my own buisness again just so that I can justify the expence of a new computer.  HA!  Reaching a bit I think.  For now I will have to save my thoughts for Sunday afternoons when work is slow.

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Bucket List

I like the concept of a bucket list but I think that they can take away from a  fulfilled life in practice.  I recently read an obituary that summed it up nicely.

“He had no need for a “bucket list” – he traveled and did the things he felt God called him to do his entire life and didn’t wait for a “perfect” time.”

When I was 14 I made a list all the things I wanted to accomplish in my life.  Learn French, go to France, look out from the Eifel tower.  Over 100 items I wanted to complete before I died.  A few years ago I found this list and realized that while I had accomplished many of these things, that the list was truly a list of “things” that sounded cool and exotic to a 14-year-old and that if I had spent my life checking these off I would have missed my calling.  I would have missed what truly brough meaning and joy to my life.  Turns out I am not so good at languages and that there are other places in the world that align my soul with God.

So at 40+ I assume that I have another good 20 to 60 years left to accomplish, experience, do,  and be.   Here is my bucket list for that time:  To live in a way that allows me to hear what my Higher Self, God, is calling me to do, and to pursue that, whatever it is and where ever it may take me.

Today Its taking me on a rollercoaster of motherhood and nurturing, a search for healthy practices,  a leason in balance and limits and a feast of joy and love.

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