Different is pretty

Mama you worried about me

How did you know

Worry about your own self

No its your job to worry about yourself it’s my job to worry about you and  Papa and Cookie and Atticas and the house and..

Mama why you make this face?  Mimics mamas worried face

Last night Papa and I went to a class about how to help you be happy that you are different.  Remember we talked about how different is beautiful?

Blank told me I wasn’t pretty because I am too dark

My heart stopped.  My baby is 3.  I had hoped that I had a couple years to talk about this before she faced it.  Blank is the little boy at school who she most often plays and fights with.  Blank happens to be Hispanic and while not as dark as my Yaya, darker then the majority.

Blank was being mean. I told her.  You are my beautiful girl- you have beautiful curls and beautiful skin and when you smile it is beautiful.  Doesn’t everyone tell you how pretty you are?  And you are smart because you know all the colors and can sing the alphabet song and can count to twenty.  And you are funny you can always make me and papa laugh.  But some people will tell you that you are not beautiful because you are different. 

Blank said I am not beautiful because I am dark. 

You are beautiful.  Blank was being mean.

Can I have more chok-ate milk?

By orderfromthechaos

One comment on “Different is pretty

  1. This breaks my heart that she is already having negative comments thrown at her. She different but very beautiful.

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