I got sand on my toes

‘Let me tell you how you do, you run and then fall down.’  Mariah loved the beach.  The freedom of an empty beach fit her perfectly.  She ran around, fell down, made sand angels and had charmed the lifeguard into letting her play near the lifeguard tower.  Brian found some really great shells for our collection.  I sat and took it all in.  It was haven. 

Then we paid way too much for a movie- but we’re on vacation, we can splurge a little.   Got the popcorn and drinks and were going to have a great time.  Five minutes into the movie Mariah asked me to change the channel.   We made it 45 minutes into it before it got too scary and Mariah started crying.  This was just after the guy in front of us asked her to stop bothering him.   We were all hungry so we stopped at a taco and burger hole in the wall.  We had just started eating when the oversize movie soda overcame Mariah’s diaper.  We both got soaked.  There were no public restrooms at this little place so we hurried back to the hotel to get cleaned up enough to finish dinner.  I can’t recommend The Pirates, Band of Misfits.  I can recommend Huntington Beach.

By orderfromthechaos

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