New Year ???

So I wanted to write about how I think of the equinox as the beginning of the new year.  Some religious and most gardeners look at the fall as the end/beginning.  It’s the time to reap what you have sown and prepare for next years harvest.  If you get some good compost into your soil you can plant as soon as the ground thaws. 

Apparently what I have sown is chaos because this week I have been so busy its a struggle to get dinner on the table and keep showered.  Please do not notice the state of my kitchen floor.  Make that the kitchen.  This year I have been working to simplify my life.  I seem to be failing miserably.  Just like an onion, every layer of physical, emotional, and mental clutter I pull off leaves another pungent fresh layer.   It also leaves room for clutter to rush back in unless I keep a firm hand on the brakes. 

Today I needed to take care of some tomatoes.  They were at the use’em or loose’em stage and I want some nice roasted tomatoes on hand for tomato soup this winter.  I opened the door to take both dogs out to the garden and before the door was even shut Benni was at the side-walk and gone.  Latter I found him.  Latter then that I drug him home.  As soon as he was back safe in his kennel I was at the pet store.  I was there three minutes before it opened and as I stood waiting I realized that I had yet to brush my hair or wash my face.  Sigh!   Too many dollars later I had a new collar that would not slip off, a new leash and harness I was not having my baby come home to find her new best friend gone.  Two hours after I first walked out the door I was ready to go pick some tomatoes.

The day continued in such a fashion untill at 4 pm I suddenly remembered that I had picked up an extra shift.  I was covered in dog slober and tomato goop, comforting an emotional toddler, in the middle of another batch of tomatoes and had two dogs ‘arguing’ over the same chew toy and I needed to be out of the house in an hour.  Where is my simple life in this chaos?  I managed to get showered, dinner ready, and to work on time.  But it was not zen.  Making dinner for my family was not accomplished with feelings of love and nurturing. 

Maybe caring for a house, a kid, a dog or two, a yard with a garden, a job oh and a husband is never going to be simple.  Maybe the best I can hope for is somewhat organized and that no one will look at my kitchen floor this week.   The good news is it’s a quite night at work and I have time to think about it for a minute.

By orderfromthechaos

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