I want a new Victorio

I occasionally let my obsessive tendencies take over.  Many years ago in my PK (pre kid) life I made 7 different pickle recipes and then had a pickle tasting party in March.  (It was intended for January but got delayed.)

This year I am making 4 ketchup recipes.  I LOVE homemade ketchup it tastes like a tomato product and not tomato and vinegar flavored corn syrup.  Don’t get me wrong, I keep a large supply of Heinz on hand and happily let my child use it for carrot dip (she’s only three, her taste buds will develop I am sure.)

Homemade ketchup is a time-consuming messy project.  You start with large amounts of tomatoes and boil them down for hours or days.  Somewhere along the way I get to run them through my ancient Vitcorio strainer.  I have the old 200 model with a wooden handle, I don’t know how old it is but its ancient.  Sounds cool but it’s not.  It leaks and splatters like the newer models don’t and you can’t buy replacement parts. The kitchen, the dogs, and my sweats (nope don’t get dressed up for this one) are currently covered in tomato slime.  Even with all this its worth it!  Yup, I like it that much.

If you would like an invitation to the tasting party let me know before January.  If you want to trade me my old Victorio for a new one let me know now!

By orderfromthechaos

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