Sour is good

After months of pouting about the changes I need to make to be healthy, I am now relaxing enough to be getting epiphanies, insights and understanding.    My thinking about food is changing and I am now looking forward to the way I will be eating.  These are not changes that can happen for me all at once.  I need knowledge and new tools. 

One of the changes in thinking is in how I see grains.  Grains are good.  Unless you are allergic, wheat is good.  But we have lost the processes to make them as healthy as they can be.  I am coming to see that grains should be soaked, sprouted, or soured before they can be digested efficiently.   On your grandmas can of oatmeal it told her to soak overnight.  At one time all yeast breads were sourdough.  Most grains would begin to sprout before they were ground into flour.  

These processes allow the nutrients to be better absorbed, and prevent the grains from stealing nutrients from other foods. 

Next week I will attempt to take some grains from whole- to sprout- to dry- to ground.  I am ordering a sourdough starter.  I am seeing possibilities. 

By orderfromthechaos

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