Going to practice wish craft

This year I am not going to set goals, create a dream board or make lists of what I hope to change.  I am going to try something different that hopefully will be more in line with the clarity and simplicity I worked for last year.  I am going to have a revolving set of intentions.  My thinking is that this will not trigger my perfectionist workaholic tendencies like goals do.  Nor will it inspire me to practice my procrastination skills like a dream board.

I will have at least two but not more than three intentions at a time.  Three seems manageable even amidst the chaos of life.  Two allows for one to get tangled and momentarily set aside without having to give it up.

I believe that giving focus to a small handful of things at a time allows for them to be better integrated into my life.  Giving focus and intention gives power.  Wishing and dreaming can make real.

One of the new jobs of this blog is to track my intentions, help keep me accountable.  If you are reading this and you have tips, suggestions, advice or can offer help with any of my current intentions please feel free to share.

So to start- here are my current intentions:

Figure out how to have productive piano practices with Mariah

Finish the introductory chapters of my new fermenting book

Get the guest room back to useable condition (It has become storage space for a project or three that have been put on hold for christmas)

By orderfromthechaos

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