Stupid tired

I am so very sleepy. Tired to the point that thought takes an effort. Why? Good question. My old friend insomnia came for a visit. Not sure if it was too long of a New Years Day nap, too much junk food, or hormones on a rampage but I was up more than I slept.

Of course I made good use of my time. As usual when I get insomnia I plan. Last night I decided to completely reorganize the kitchen. I am changing the way I see food, changing the way I cook food, changing the way I shop for food and yes, even what I eat. I need a kitchen that works better with all these changes.

I would truly love to strip the thing down to the studs and start over. It needs it desperately. However I do not have the time and money to dedicate to such a project so I will rearrange/ purge/ make room for.

But not today. Today I am tired with a sick kido and two needy dogs. Thank god my brain is not working or I truly could not take another eppisode of Pingu.

By orderfromthechaos

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