What I learned from my job

I answer phones for a big medical company in Northern California.  This is definitely a job and not a career.  After working at this job for over a year I find most calls to be so similar I can almost do my job in my sleep.  Every once in a while I still learn something.

The flue is so pervasive right now that I have had a chance to see what it looks like when everyone is sick.  When ‘everyone’ is sick that means that Dr’s and Nurses are sick to.   With lots of sick people and fewer healthy caregivers to treat them, if you need help you will wait a long time.   At one point it was a four and a half hour wait to talk to an advice nurse.   The wait in most of the weekend clinics were even longer.   If you weren’t dying you would have to wait for help.

That means if you forgot to refill your birth control, pain meds, heart medication- you may not get it before the pharmacy closes.   That means if you can’t remember how much children’s Tylenol to give your little one- you’re not going to talk to a nurse about it anytime soon.   That means if you get dehydrated you need to go sit in a waiting room with a lot of other sick people for several hours before you can get fluids.

What you can do?  Keep your medications filled.   Most of the advice the nurses give can be found on line through a reputable source- figure out while you are healthy what a reputable source is and bookmark it.   Get help before you are completely dehydrated, before you are desperate.  Pray we never have a true pandemic because we are not prepared to handle it.

By orderfromthechaos

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