Just for the record

I attempted the Alton Brown cottage cheese and got a little thickness on the spoon.  I don’t know enough to know what went wrong but I have found a recipe specifically for goat’s milk and will be trying that.

I finally got my sourdough starter!  Wahoo!  My first attempt to revive it was a bust.  There are several reasons it may not have worked.  I am going to get a water filter and try again.

I found a cookie recipe using chia seeds that could be a success.  They are delicious but spread out on the cookie sheet too much.  I will add more flour next time and try again.

The cottage cheese recipe requires butter milk I purchased some buttermilk starter and am attempting buttermilk.  It takes a couple of days so cross your fingers.

I really want to have cottage cheese and yogurt down before completely giving up cows milk, but it is a challenge.  I have been talking to the boss about giving up cows milk except for hard cheeses for lent.  If we decide to try it Fat Tuesday will have us cleaning out our ice-cream and string cheese stash.  HA!



By orderfromthechaos

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