Not like ‘little house’ but still…

It feels like a long hard winter.  Not like wolfs howling at the door but we have had herds of mice, respiratory illnesses, and it has felt like I am constantly dealing with problems.  Not quite crisis mode but my resources have had to go to solve the immediate problem and not where I would like them to be going. 

I was going to write all about our mouse infestation, but I am still too traumatized.  They seem to be gone for now, but I have not been able to clean up my storage room.  I just don’t go in there if I don’t have to.  I plan entire meals around avoiding that room.  Last night I was craving pancakes- we had waffles because I knew the waffle maker was in the sanitary kitchen and the griddle was in the yet to be sanitized storage room.

So my intentions have all been put to the side for now.  My intentions for now are to get my house clean after a long illness and to finish mouse cleanup.  My three previous intentions are still there.  Sort of.  I have decided to wait till fall to resume piano lessons.  I have yet to make this official but I will.  I have been reading my book off and on, and I am slowly working on the guest room when everything else makes me crazy.

Last week we were all sick.  Brian and I had Bronchitis and Mariah had RSV.  Were were the coughing family chorus.  Mariah was the healthiest and Brian and I took turns trying to stay awake with her so the other could rest.  We did lots of coloring, watched lots of kid movies and mostly the week is a fevered blur.  In the years we have been together Brian and I have never been sick together before.  It was strangely bonding.  Now that we are recuperating I feel like a reset button has been set.  Only my house still looks like a 4 year old and some dogs and a cat took over.  

By orderfromthechaos

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