I truly believe there are no negative emotions, only negative responses.  So I am looking at my increasing frustration as an oprtunity to stop and figure out what needs to be different.

Lately I am frustrated with  many things, my husband, my child, yogurt.

I am 0 for 3 with yogurt.  Yup I have failed to make yogurt 3 times.  Yogurt is not difficult in theory you get your milk to the right temp, add your starter, then keep it at the right temp for a day or a good part of the day.  Every time I get it too hot and kill my starter.  I have tried a few different methods using the stove and the oven and even under the bed.  It just gets too hot. Apparently they make these amazing unitaskers that maintain a temperature near to what is ideal for yogurt. They cost about $50 and I can use them to make some decent yogurt. alternately they make these great boxes that cost about $300 that can be used to maintain perfect temperatures for all types of not only yogurt but many of the other things I have been experimenting with. They also dry fruits and vegis and can be used as part of the process to make the grains I believe will help me. Any one have $300? I have reprioritized my want list moving this


to the top! Unfortunatly my want list has not been feeling the love latley.  Illness is expensive;  we are lucky enough to have good jobs and good health insuance but still we are feeling the hit of all of Dr’s visits, medications, and missed work.  Further, car repairs and mouse proofing are first in line for funding.  So I may have to give up and buy me some yogurt.  Or I may test the balance of my stubornnes vs frustrtion levels and try again.  Have you had success with yogurt? What is the secret?

Or better yet what is the secret to getting a 4 year old to clean her room without a melt down or a husband to get his hubby do list done in under 6 months without nagging?

By orderfromthechaos

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