The story of Ariel

In this house the story of the little mermaid is refered to as “Ariel,” is told frequently, and may star Tiana, Fashion Barbie, Polly Pocket, a random My Little Pony, or a stray crayon. If the actual little mermaid Barbie gets to star in her own story she will be naked because one of the previously mentioned will be wearing her tail.

In this house the story is a bit different then either the Disney version or the Hans Christen Anderson version. Ariel (and sometimes Flounder because he is cute and funny) are swimming around and Ursula the sea witch trys to steal Ariel voice. Sometimes we can all say Swiper no Swiping and Ariel gets away for a while but eventually the Ursula gets Ariel’s voice. This is a favorite dramatic point where Mariah will sing like in the movie except longer and then grab her throat as if she is choking.

Ursula is then put in timeout because it is not nice to steal.  After her time out Ursula tells Ariel she is sorry and gives her voice back.  Insert more dramatic drawn out singing.  Ariel hugs Ursula and they decide to be friends and swim off to play.  What about Eric?  Well he can play too but only if he can be nice.  Or sometimes he is just at work with Daddy.

Next time Mariah’s version of Cinderella.

By orderfromthechaos

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