Loosing the child in the tall weeds

I am this close to calling a landscaping company.  See my fingers a hairs width apart?  We have lived here for 7 years and our yard still looks like no one lives here.  Every year we pour time and money and sweat into this place and if you look in just the right place… well no not even that right now.

Brian has no interest in yard work.  He has little interest in being in the yard unless he is standing in front of the grill.   He wants to spend his outdoor time on a river and his down time at home in his man cave or digital dark room.   I used to wish that he was a lawn guy- those guys that get all competitive over a perfect lawn.  But truly I love who he is and wouldnt want that.  I love to be in my garden, but only those parts that grow food.  My time and energy are limited and there is never enough for all the weeds.   Neither of us has any interest in maintaining a lawn.  Not that you can call what we have a lawn, it is more of a weed patch then bluegrass.

So I want to hire someone to clear the public spaces and replace the dandelions and bind weed with rocks and succulents and cactus.  And to level the front yard so I can add more garden boxes to be filled with onions and tomatoes and cucumbers.   And I would call someone today except that I like being married to Brian just a little more then I hate our yard.  And he is resistant to taking on more debt in the name of aesthetics (sanity, it’s my sanity love.)  But if you happen to notice big trucks of rocks pulling up to our house latter this summer, don’t be surprised.

By orderfromthechaos

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