A family looks like this.

It’s been all over the news- I am sure you heard, or maybe stories like these don’t raise your eyebrows and make your jaw tighten.   A big box (yeah that one) called the police on a white daddy when he left with the black children he came with.   The police went to his house to make sure all was well.   They found a multiracial family- just like millions of other families, just like my family.

While visiting family out of town we took out our daughter and our Asian American niece.   Some guy was trying to figure us out and went on and on about recessive genes.  HA.   It was funny but only a step away from the big box story.

When the big box story was brought up among the transracial adoption mommies I was surprised at the lack of outrage!   One person even suggested this was a good thing- ‘better to be safe than sorry.’  To say ‘better safe than sorry’ is to say that it is more likely that a child will be kidnapped then adopted by a person of a different color.  Or at least that’s my interpretation.

I know it’s not standard for parents and children to be different c colors.   I fully accept that people will look at my family if only to see something unusual, a white mommy and daddy and a black daughter.   But different is beautiful and we all need to understand that families come in all shapes, sizes, colors and configurations.    When you see a group of people, look for the connection, the bond, the love that unite them because that is what makes a family, not genes.

By orderfromthechaos

2 comments on “A family looks like this.

  1. We think your family is beautiful. isn’t it wonderful that families can come in all shapes and sizes. Love is what matters!

  2. Different is beautiful. Amen. I remember once when A. didn’t want to leave the park and was screaming as I hauled her off to the car, I was sure I’d be arrested. I figure I can always show our family portraits just in case!

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