Bucket List

I like the concept of a bucket list but I think that they can take away from a  fulfilled life in practice.  I recently read an obituary that summed it up nicely.

“He had no need for a “bucket list” – he traveled and did the things he felt God called him to do his entire life and didn’t wait for a “perfect” time.”

When I was 14 I made a list all the things I wanted to accomplish in my life.  Learn French, go to France, look out from the Eifel tower.  Over 100 items I wanted to complete before I died.  A few years ago I found this list and realized that while I had accomplished many of these things, that the list was truly a list of “things” that sounded cool and exotic to a 14-year-old and that if I had spent my life checking these off I would have missed my calling.  I would have missed what truly brough meaning and joy to my life.  Turns out I am not so good at languages and that there are other places in the world that align my soul with God.

So at 40+ I assume that I have another good 20 to 60 years left to accomplish, experience, do,  and be.   Here is my bucket list for that time:  To live in a way that allows me to hear what my Higher Self, God, is calling me to do, and to pursue that, whatever it is and where ever it may take me.

Today Its taking me on a rollercoaster of motherhood and nurturing, a search for healthy practices,  a leason in balance and limits and a feast of joy and love.

By orderfromthechaos

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