thumbing it in

My computer is dying.  It has been a good computer and lived a good life for a lap top.  It has been through the war and survived 2 keyboard replacemnts, 3 crashes, and more cords then I can count.  I highly recomend GeekBox if you are hard on laptops.  My phone started dying at the same time.  I replaced the phone and put a new computer onthe wish list.  I have found that I can do most things quite happily on my new phone.  Yeah for Android. 

I have found apps to replace most of what I do on my computer, and in most cases they do it better.  I can check my email and play candy crush and plan a menu while wating for the school bus to come or gymnastics to get over.  My inner organization geek is in heaven. 

I can not however enjoy bloging.  And I seem to want to blog all the time.  I keep thinking of these things I want to share.  I have so many thoughts I want to put down and I just am not satisfied with the thumb typing I can do on my phone.  Unfortunatly this is an ebb time in our financial life and replacing the computer will be happening in the distant future.  Boo! 

I have even considered that I need to start my own buisness again just so that I can justify the expence of a new computer.  HA!  Reaching a bit I think.  For now I will have to save my thoughts for Sunday afternoons when work is slow.

By orderfromthechaos

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