Cover your cough

Brian’s at instacare hoping for antibiotics.  He was sick, then better,  now sicker. Don’t tell himbbut he is getting old and his amune system is not what it used to be.

I am taking today and tomorrow to recover and then I will be better.  At least I hope that my cold follows the pattern Brian and Mariah’s have. 

Mariah is playing in the bathtub. Her ponies are not getting along with her Strawberry Shortcakes and she is trying out all the bad words she knows, like hate and stupid. Its a good space to work these ideas out so I am giving her the space to do it.

I have a few bad words I would like to be using but I am not sure who to direct them to.  I have been sick mostly since I started seeing this new doctor.  First it was the detox and withdrawal,  then the migraines and now my poor immune system just cant take on a sick family.  I am completely frustrated with the level of chaos in my life in the wake of weeks in survival mode. 

So of course I am thinking about big changes and how to move from where I am to…. not sure yet.  I am beginning to dream. 

By orderfromthechaos

One comment on “Cover your cough

  1. You are in my thoughts. Hope you and family are well soon, and that Mariah’s ponies and shortcakes can work it out. 🙂

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