Dont get cought in the eddy

I truly belive that money ebbs and flows.  We all have times when there is a little more or a little less.  Right now we are in a little less time.  But I am not saying that to complain, only to explain how blessed I feel.  Fall always seems to be an ebb time for us for whatever reason, and this fall we find ourselves with some over spending, some sickness, and some delayed paychecks.  But even though the cash is not flowing we are doing just fine.  We have had angels come to our rescue, we have had creditors give us a pass, and we have had opportunities open up. 

Research is proving that our beliefs are powerful.  It turns out that in many areas what we belive is more important than what is real.  I just watched a Ted talk about how our belief about stress determines how stress affects us.  Turns out that if you belive that stress is harmful, it is.  However if you belive that stress is beneficial, than stress if beneficial.  See what I mean here

This has me wondering if what I belive about the ebb and flow of money, may be similar to beliefs about stress.  What if I choose to belive that there will always be enough money for what I need?

By orderfromthechaos

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