Thanks to Brian there is a turkey brining on my kitchen table that will be dinner tonight, soup latter this week and then lunch for some time.

I like to make 3 to 5 turkey’s a year. No, really,  its not difficult or labor intensive,  its a quick and per pound cheep meal.  I dont make 20 sides,  I’m not recreating Thanksgiving.  Tonight I will steam some green beans,  mash a few potatoes and call it good.

I follow the guru Alton Brown and it turns out perfect everytime. you will need to invest in a good thermometer but thats a small price for perfect, no stress turkey. Sometimes we Brine, but most grocery store turkey’s are pre brined.

The biggest advantage however is in healthy lunches. Lunch meat is not good for you. Most of what you find at the deli is not real food.  Go ahead and read that ingredient list. Now try reading it out loud.  You really want to eat that?

By orderfromthechaos

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