Lazy days of summer?

This summer I want to do swim lessons (for Mariah) and all the play groups and play dates with the friends we don’t see enough.  And I want to get to all the favorite parks, and all the free movies in the park on friday nights, and the festivals and the parades.  And have lots of time to lay in the hammock and drink lemonade, while taking care of my garden and keeping my house relatively clean and of course crossing a few projects of my list. 

I am thinking this may be unrealistic.  I am thinking I am over reaching and we will get to the first day of  kindergarten not rested, relaxed and ready but tired and frustrated. 

The last two summers Mariah has been in a therapeutic preschool so our lives were ruled by clock.  Monday through Friday, 4 hours a day.  Late nights and lazy days were kept to a minimum.   We couldn’t go do that fun thing that started Tuesday night at 7 because we had to start getting ready for bed at 7:30.  A day at the park was really an hour or two between this and that.  And now she starts all day kindergarten in a few short months, we can measure it in weeks really, but I am not ready to.  I am longing, determined, excited for a true summer filled with carefree fun and unscheduled adventure.   But I think if I am not carefull we will create a monster. 

What are your plans for the summer?

By orderfromthechaos

One comment on “Lazy days of summer?

  1. Mirinda, I can really relate. Our kids didn’t do summer preschool but the truth was, they still thrived on routine at that age. They needed structure but it was a challenge to provide it and still feel like we were having the kind of carefree summers I wanted. Even though it was summer we couldn’t do late nights (maybe 1-2 movies in the park). Sam couldn’t stay awake long enough for 4th of July fireworks and A. didn’t like the noise. We did well by doing “one or two” little outings per day. I figured they would have time later for all that stuff, and sure enough each year we do a little more. This summer I have scheduled 3 weeks (spaced throughout the summer) of organized activity for them (Korean culture camp, Suzuki camp, and YMCA camp). Not sure if it’s more for me or for them. 🙂 I look forward to the free time with them – and admit I also dread it a little – let’s get together and hang out at the park!

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